You don’t fear the ambulance cost anymore

You don’t fear the ambulance cost anymore

How many times have you been in a situation where you have to decide between how serious your condition is and if you can afford to call out the ambulance— or just take your chances?
For many Central Oregonians, this is a huge issue.  We live so “far out” by industry standards that we pay dearly for that lifesaving ride to the hospital.  And sometimes that’s not enough!  When St. Charles can’t perform the services needed, we get flown over the mountain to Eugene.  Who’s gonna foot that bill?

If you’re anything like me, you’re not Batman– you don’t own a private jet, helicopter, or any other sort of “super” equipment.  We have to rely on whatever means necessary to get to our destination, and sadly, Insurance doesn’t always pay for this fully!


There is something that can protect you.  Bancorp Insurance is now a broker of MASA.


What is MASA?  Did you spell NASA wrong?  No… but the concept of this company did take us out of our little world for a bit.

MASA ( Medical Air Services Association ) has created a much needed benefit to the Medical Transportation field.  With insurance companies deciding that most ambulance providers ( air and ground ) are out of network, and having their own standards for what they feel a transportation can cost — YOU are stuck with what isn’t paid.

What MASA does for you, is make sure after your insurance provider goes through everything, and you’ve paid your deductible, MASA helps you pay the remaining medical transport costs.  The out of pocket cost for usual & customary medical transportation is taken care of for you!  You shouldn’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay for that ambulance.


We’ve seen where something happens to a child and the services they need can’t be provided at one of the medical facilities here, so they have to be flown to St. Jude.  But to get there ( they’ve already been flown or drove in by an ambulance to this hospital ) now they’re being ground ambulanced to an airport, to be fix-winged, or taken by helicopter to St. Jude.  But don’t forget the ground ambulance from the airport to the hospital!

And more often than not, only a portion of the first ambulance ride is covered.

Oh but wait, I already have one membership, Rex–won’t that protect me from the helicopter charges?  Well… if that one happens to be the one that picks you up, yes.  Only them though, not any other provider in the area.  AND only the helicopter ride.  The rest of the transitions to get you where you need to be, are completely up for grabs financially, between you and your health insurance provider.

I also have a feeling that if you’re in need of a helicopter ride, you’re probably not going to be able to stop them and say, “no please, I only have ‘this’ membership, I’ll wait for mine!”

Are you prepared financially for a medical Emergency???


MASA covers ALL TYPES OF MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION COSTS after the deductibles are met.  They cover more than air, they cover ground too, and the best thing about it is they aren’t a separate service to the area.  You’re not paying for yet another Helicopter service that might come get you— they just help to pay off the service that does come get you.  That means the money stays in your community as well, supporting our local emergency service providers.

This is also a great opportunity for employers to give their employees that little bit of extra benefit in their hiring package, or for the conscious family making sure they won’t go bankrupt when the world falls apart on them ( as your spouses, domestic partners, and dependents up to 26 years old are covered too! )

Give us a call today, and we’d be more than happy to explain MASA to you further.  Any questions or concerns–we’re ready to hear them!

Be safe out there Central Oregon!

-Rex Lesueur



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