Where do You Get New Business Leads?

Where do You Get New Business Leads?

The Internet has changed how most of us buy products. It has also changed how other businesses and consumers buy products from us. I just read an article from EMarketer Daily that one of the  top sources of business to business leads comes from the company website. In fact only personal connections and referrals out performed company websites.

Yep small business owners use the web just like consumers. It’s important that you update your website content on a regular basis, offer free white papers and information. Business customers want to research your company and its products before they buy. If your website does not collect visitor information, like their name, title, contact phone and email, you might want to look at updating your site.

Remember a website is not like the old fashion yellow page print ad. Its not static for a year. You should be updating your content on your site regularly, giving prospective buyers the latest information you have on your product or services. Website maintenance is an important marketing tool. If you need help updating your site or designing your  digital marketing program check out AIMS . Cheri has helped me set up my own business to business marketing campaigns and update my website.

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