When Was The Last Time You Did a Home Inventory?

When Was The Last Time You Did a Home Inventory?

As an insurance agent we advise clients to take a home inventory at least once a year. But I know this does not happen. After insuring people for the last 30 years and helping them after the fire, flood, etc. I know most of you take your best guess as to how much stuff you had in your home, garage, and other outbuildings after the loss. Most of us do not have a clue how much stuff we have accumulated over the years and what it will really cost to replace it.

As with many things technology has made this task easier.  Just go to www.knowyourstuff.org the Insurance Information Institute developed a nice piece of software to make this easier. The nice thing is after you take your inventory its stored on-line. That way if you have a total loss it will be much easier for you to file a claim that will actually replace the stuff you lost.

The Insurance Information Institute folks have also developed an I Phone App that is now available in the Itune store. Hopefully they will have an Android app out soon. The best thing about the software and the app is they are both FREE.

Check it out.

Rex Lesueur

Bancorp Insurance

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