They’ve been Dead for YEARS, stop mailing me!

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They’ve been Dead for YEARS, stop mailing me!


Why are you STILL mailing them?

I get calls quite often requesting that we remove a family member from the mailing list– as they are deceased.  It’s usually followed up with, “Why are you still mailing them?  They’ve been dead for … ”  and sometimes it’s a very long time, we’re talking 2-4 years.   This happens from time to time, and there’s a few reasons for it.

Usually it’s because the initial steps weren’t taken to remove the persons name from everything, including a mailing directory.

Dead people can’t pay bills.  No seriously, they think the person is still alive.

This little step trips up a bunch of people.  Leaving their spouse or parents on an electric bill or some other reoccurring billing system will cause the name to stay in every other rotation for mail-outs too.  Why?  Because deceased people don’t pay bills– i.e. they must still be alive, because every month this bill gets paid!  Even something as simple as a spouse receiving a SSI check will cause that name to ping on a list somewhere.

The name hasn’t been registered under the deceased, don’t contact list.

There is a registry that you can input the deceased information.  You can find the Deceased Do Not Contact registry here.  This should help slim down the amount of mail that you receive.  But like with all lists, it takes time!  Often you’re looking at a month or so until all the kinks get worked out and the right people get the memo to remove your loved one from their mailers.  It takes time for all the government channels to circulate the name out, even with proof of death.

But there is that last option… Identity theft.

If you’ve went through the steps, and things are still getting sent around… you might want to check into whether or not their name is being used for malicious purposes.  We’ve all heard of how dead people can’t vote, well they don’t purchase credit cards or homes either!  It goes back to that old adage of they must be alive if they’re using all these items– Or someone who is alive is using it for them.

So take your time and follow the regular procedures after the loss of someone.  Make sure everything is buttoned up and be patient with others in your transition.  The last thing I want to do is mail the loved one you just lost and stir up more emotions.  We appreciate the ones that call and let us know, that way we can do our part in removing them on our end.

Have a wonderful day!


-Rex Lesueur




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