Do You Need General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance covers your responsibility for bodily injury or property damage from your premise and operation – Products and completed operations. In short, it protects you When You Are Sued for bodily injury or property damage. Who needs to buy General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance Tips

We all need to buy General Liability Insurance in one form or the other. You buy liability insurance when you buy auto insurance or homeowners insurance, it’s part of the policy. However, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover your business exposures should you own a business and run it out of your home. If that is the case you need to call your insurance agent or call one of our Small Business Professionals here at BancorpĀ® and get a Business Insurance Quote for your business.


Generally speaking, If you are a business owner you normally buy liability insurance under your business owners policy. Many businesses have liability insurance that is tailored to the type of business you own and operate. Most of the time your liability insurance is part of a package policy that can be specifically designed to meet the insurance needs of your business.


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