Prepare for E-Day

Prepare for E-Day

The Eclipse

The solar apocalypse, “E” Day, “it’s the end of the world as we know it”.  No?
No.  I’m sure we will make it through the solar eclipse just as well as any of our heavy winter storms here in Central Oregon.  There are just a few things to keep in mind while we head into the mass hysteria.


We’re doubling our community numbers at the very least.

With that comes some issues.


  • People walking.  Have you seen The Walking Dead?  It will be similar to a hoard of walkers… except instead of brains, it’s all about those Eclipse Selfies!  It is better that people try to take selfies while not attempting to operate their cars… But they still might not be paying much attention to where they are or what they might be stepping into—I see a bunch of really sad city folks in those cow pastures.


  • More vehicles will be on the roads—highways, back roads, side roads … pretty much anywhere you could think of—There will be people.  Normal trucking routes could be delayed along with all the goodies we take comfort in knowing will always be there.  Always keep in mind that normal traffic precautions still apply!  One thing that ODOT is asking of everyone is to NOT park along side the roads.  Any of them.  If something terrible is to happen, emergency personnel will be utilizing the shoulders to move about.


  • Stores can only stock so much food and supplies—same as fueling stations and motels.  There’s only so much space, and so many supplies that we can hold for an event– stock piled or not.  Take some time to get a few extra supplies for yourself.  Plan ahead to take the load off the stores directly effected by the impeding doom.  Don’t expect to get anything on demand, or on time!


As with anything else, Bancorp Insurance is here for you.  We’re here before the Eclipse, we’ll be here after it!


-Rex Lesueur




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