Dental & Vision Coverage

We can help fill in the gaps traditional health insurance leaves you with.

Dental Plans

They say the first thing you notice about a person is their smile.  As you might know a beautiful smile does not come cheap.  From braces, to teeth removal, check-ups, x-rays, surgery’s, fillings, and root canals.  The cost starts to add up as soon as you take a seat in the dentist chair.

One of the more frustrating things about dental insurance is that it is often not offered from an employer.  You will not find much coverage in your individual health plan either.  This leaves you paying the full bill.  Did you know the average cost of a check-up, which covers an exam, x-ray and cleaning costs about $288.  If you have your cleanings twice a year as recommended that is almost $600.00! The cost go up from there.  Root Canals average around $700 and Braces are closer to $4,937 on average.

If you are looking to save up to 60% on your dental bill then please give Bancorp Insurance a call at 1(800) 452-6826.  We have helped employers, families, individuals, and seniors save on their dental costs.  Stop fearing the dental seat because of the bill.  Taking care of your teeth can improve your overall health and quality of life.

We can sign you up for a plan over the phone and have you covered for your next appointment.

Vision Service Plan VSP

We live in Central Oregon to take in the beauty of the high desert.  The snow caped mountains, winding rivers, and open brush filled vistas.  What if you are one of the 75% of Americans that need some sort of vision correction to see?  You might not be able to take in the full beauty of Oregon let alone the road sign or your computer screen at work.

Unfortunately, vision is not a coverage often included in a health insurance policy offered through the Federal Marketplace or directly with a company.  Lots of group health plans have cut vision coverage out to save money.

This will leave you paying the bill for your routine eye exam, which can be as low as $50, but the average price is slightly more than $100.  Then the contact lenses, glasses, frames, or transition lenses can reach costs of over $500.  Again vision is not often covered in your current insurance plan so this is an extra expense for you and your family.

Instead of going it alone ask Bancorp Insurance about VSP vision insurance.  We can help individuals as well as groups find the right vision plan for them.

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