Do you know what to do for your Permitted Driver?

Do you know what to do for your Permitted Driver?



Your child is at the age of being able to get the driving permit they’ve been dying to get.  You have the car set up, you have plans set forth about who will drive with them and from which location they can practice—But do you have the most important item lined out?


Yeah, you have the vehicle ready to go, but did you add your son or daughter as a driver on your policies?  No this isn’t some ploy to get more money, there are several advantages for your children when you do this.  Most carriers don’t charge if the young adult is under 18 AND acquired a Driving Permit, so don’t be scared!

A history of Insurance.

One thing that adding your children as drivers on your policy does, is make certain they have a history of Insurance.  It’s not readily advertised, but like a credit score, we all start somewhere.  Insurance companies will be looking to see if your son or daughter have been insured previously, if they have, great!  If they haven’t, the starting rates usually don’t look so good for your child when they do search for insurance the first time.

Insurance companies are looking for young adults to have “continuous” insurance—This is achieved by being previously insured on an adult’s policy!  This will insure better rates and more easily attained insurance through whatever company they may choose.

There won’t be any hiccups if something does go wrong.

When dealing with new drivers, there is a lot for them to learn—distraction is everywhere.  So, if something does happen to occur while your child is practicing, they will be covered without trying to explain to the insurance company why they aren’t listed as a driver.  Nothing’s worse than putting more on your plate at an already trying time, after an accident.

Teaching your child to be a responsible driver.

In closing, when you show your children that finding out your insurance options are important, you show them how to take responsibility for their actions.  None of us plan to be in an accident—which is why it’s an accident.  But when you take the proper actions to protect yourself and your family, you show your child what is really important.   Accidents do happen, and it’s way better to be prepared than regretful.

So, mark it off on your check list …

  • Vehicle
  • Responsible adult driver supervision
  • Courteous of others on the road
  • Continuous insurance practices


Enjoy this time of learning while it lasts!
-Rex Lesueur




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