What you need to know about the NEW Medicare cards

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What you need to know about the NEW Medicare cards

April 2018 brings the new Medicare Cards

There have been murmurs of new Medicare cards on the horizon.
We’re here to tell you it’s true.

This year in an effort to fight fraud and identity theft, CMS is issuing new Medicare cards to consumers.  Unlike the old cards, that have for years displayed the Social Security number of the recipient.  These cards will have a unique number generated for you– the individual.  This number should still be protected like it’s your social security number, as it is another identifier.  There will be no other special precautions with them, than there would be with your old card.

Things to know now –

Huge Window of Arrival.  These cards will start arriving in April of 2018.  They will continue to mail throughout the WHOLE YEAR, until April 2019.  If you haven’t gotten one by then, it’s time to call 1-800-MEDICARE ( 1-800-633-4227 )

Destroy your old card. The old card will need to be destroyed so no one can take your social security number from it.  ONLY do this after receiving your new card.  You will need the old card until the replacement comes.

Are You In The “need-to-know”?  Doctors, insurance agents, and specialists know the change is coming.  They will more than likely be asking for the new cards so they can update your files.  Don’t worry if you don’t have it– they also know it could take a while to roll out a new card to every Medicare Recipient!  Like the rules of the old card– it’s best if you keep the new card on you at all times so you can provide it to whoever needs to see it.  But do not give out your number to just anyone asking for it, keep it safe.

Just This One Card.  This only pertains to your Medicare Card.  This does not include any Medicare Advantage Plan Cards you may have.  Those you will still need to keep on you and intact.


  • Don’t jump the gun, you have until April 2019.
  • You won’t need your old card, after your new one arrives– This is the only card safe to burn!
  • They will be asking for your card info–But only give it out to authorized people, don’t fall for any scams asking for your info.
  • Please keep all Medicare Advantage cards you have, those do not pertain to the main Medicare Cards that are being replaced.

As always, have a wonderful day, stay safe and protect yourself out there!

– Rex Lesueur





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