My Customers Do Not Use the Internet!

My Customers Do Not Use the Internet!

Really? Are you sure? This morning when I sat down at my computer I had received an email from my 83 year old aunt to check out the Google home page and I would enjoy it! I couldn’t I resist, so I did what she told me. By the way I think the guitar was cool.

But I’m writing this post because this very hip grandma, has a Facebook page, plays scrabble on-line (she’ll win every time too) and now she’s sending out emails with links to stuff she likes. Do you really think she is not shopping on-line?

If you are still spouting the words “my customers do not use the Internet,” well you might want to make plans to close down your business in a few years. Trust me if my aunt Jackie is using the Internet so are your customers. If you want someone to look for your services and products than get a digital marketing plan in place.

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