Did you miss enrolling for Health Insurance? There may be another way…

Did you miss enrolling for Health Insurance? There may be another way…


The only way to have Health Insurance in 2018 after Dec. 15th

Open enrollment ended on Dec. 15, but you may still be able to switch to a new plan for 2018. That’s only if the health insurance company you used in 2017 is not available in your area through HealthCare.gov in 2018.
Or – you moved, had a job change, or any other type of “life changing” event.


  • What is this enrollment opportunity and why would I use it?  If you did not actively shop and enroll in health insurance at HealthCare.gov before Dec. 15, you probably were automatically enrolled in a new 2018 plan with a different insurance company, and the 2018 plan may have a higher premium.  If you are happy with the 2018 plan and premium, you can leave it alone.  But if you do not like it, you have until March 1 2018 to compare plans and choose one you like better.  This is called a special enrollment period.


  • How do I use this special enrollment period? It’s possible to use the special enrollment period by going to HealthCare.gov, but it’s complicated.  The best option is to give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process and answer any remaining questions you may have.  We have 3 agents in our office that can also take walk-ins or appointments if you prefer an in-person meeting with them instead.


Call   800-452-6826

Be safe, happy and healthy!

-Cheri Martinen



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