Is Your Medical Transportation Subscription Obsolete?

Medical Transportation Services

Is Your Medical Transportation Subscription Obsolete?

 The answer is maybe.


Central Oregonians are currently forced to purchase multiple memberships offering emergency air and ground transportation services to ensure we are covered in case of an emergency.  If a medical emergency helicopter is sent for us and we do not have that company’s membership, we are left paying the cost that is not covered by our health insurance.  See this example of an Air Ambulance billing below:


As you can see the insurance company did pay a large part of the bill, but $8,310 is left for you to pay.  Without insurance this bill would have been $41,617.80!

Medical Transport Services


Bancorp Insurance is happy to announce we are now offering a membership that covers ground and air medical transportation services.  This medical transportation membership covers all medically necessary balance billing for their members.  This means it would pay the $8,310 in the example above, leaving you to worry about one less thing after a trip to the emergency room.  Some of the things that makes this membership different;

  • Unlimited coverage in all 50 states
  • Coverage regardless of company providing emergency medical transport ( MASA will pay Usual & Customary to participating transporters )
  • One comprehensive membership (you can drop those other medical transportation subscriptions)
  • No health questions, claim forms or deductibles
  • One membership covers all spouses / domestic partners, as well as dependents up to age 26.
  • Coverage starts as low as $14 a month or $160 a year


We have all had the experience of seeing the air life helicopter fly nearby only to have that pit in our stomach and the unhappy thought cross our minds, “I hope that is not my loved one”.  For those that have been unfortunate enough to have needed Emergency Medical Transportation, they can tell you the bill can reach as high as $50,000 for a trip to a local hospital.

Air Ambulance to Doernbecher

I remember when my cousin was 7 years old and I learned firsthand the importance of emergency medical transportation.  My grandparents had taken my 3 cousins and myself camping at Diamond Lake.  The hot summer sun made it easy to go fishing, biking and play outside at the camp site all day long.  My cousin was not feeling well and she soon spent most of her days on the bench in my grandparent’s camper.  Then one night in the middle of our camping trip I wake up to my grandfather unhooking the camper from the truck and speeding out of the camp site.  My grandfather drove to Klamath Falls with my 7-year-old cousin in a type one diabetic coma.  She was flown by air ambulance to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland along with her mother.  We drove to meet them the next day.  I know if my cousin had not gotten the medical help that was needed I would not have my cousin in my life today.

Protect Yourself and Your Employees

As an employer, you have the opportunity to give your employees and their family the same lifesaving ride for emergency medical treatment without the debilitating cost associated with the service.  For as low as $160 a year you can provide a service that might one day protect your employee and their family from losing their home to medical bills.

If you are interested in the membership and want to learn more about the options for individuals or your business, please contact us at Bancorp Insurance   1 (800) 452-6826.



Cheri Martinen



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