I don’t have any Sandbags, now what?

don't have sandbags

I don’t have any Sandbags, now what?


Standard homeowners insurance policies cover winter-related disasters such as burst pipes, ice dams, damage caused by the weight of ice or snow, as well as fire related losses due to wood stoves and heating units.  Melting snow can inflict significant damage to property.  Once again flooding is not covered under your homeowners policy.  You can buy flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program or Bancorp also works with private insurers whom offer flood insurance to homeowners.  But there are often special limitations to these policies that you may not be eligible for!  For instance, Flood policies are usually made for flowing water, as from engorged rivers.

So what we can do is help you protect yourself for what’s coming on a first hand basis.


Sandbags are often the first thing that people think to go after, but what if the store is out???  That’s when you have to get crafty.


A little improvising goes a long way.  

If you have trash bags, you can make your own types of “sandbags”.  Either filling them partially with dirt, mud, kitty litters or any other type of grained material and rolling them into tubes.

You can use water against water as well!  Partially fill a trash bag with towels, blankets or things you can soak, and tie off the bag.  This will keep the bag weighed down and can be rolled to form make-shift sandbags.  Even filling a bag with water, and securing it to the floor with tape or bricks will keep out a good portion of moisture.

In some areas a tarp can be more appropriate.  As long as you secure it down with dirt, mud or other items that don’t allow it to move, it can shed water away from your home’s doors or walk ways.  You can make a temporary dam by propping up the tarp or wrapping an object in it, then sealing the tarp to the ground with weight.

Hay bales can be good items to wrap up in a tarp, they provide weight and a barrier that is sturdy against force, yet still malleable.

Absorbent tubes made for oil spills prove to be useful in this area as well, after they become water logged, they’ll provide a sandbag like barrier to the outside world.


Stay dry out there Central Oregon, as always, give us a call at 800-452-6826 if you have insurance claims or questions-  we’re happy to help!



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