Fire Protection Change in La Pine and Surrounding Areas Good for Some Bad for Others

Fire Protection Change in La Pine and Surrounding Areas Good for Some Bad for Others

Fire Protection Dropped From a 6 to a 4

Effective September 1, 2012, the Insurance Services Office has announced that is will be dropping the Fire Protection Class from a 6 to a 4 in the following neighborhoods:

  1. The City of La Pine.
  2. Ponderosa Pines
  3. Wild River
  4. River Meadows
  5. Oregon Water Wonderland I & II
  6. Thousand Trails
  7. Vandervert Ranch
  8. Crosswater,
  9. Caldera Springs
  10. Sunriver Business Park

What does this mean to the average home owner or business owner located in any of the above areas?   These areas now have recognizable water supply system and your fire insurance premiums will decrease upon the renewal of your home owners or business owners policy.

However, many insurance companies are now re-rating the surrounding areas outside of the designated Fire Class Codes above to a 9 or 10.  If your insurance company takes that stance your insurance premium could raise from 50 to 100%. Believe me I know, I have seen many or my own customer’s where this is the case. However, because we are an independent insurance agent we can give you choices. Bancorp Insurance does represent insurance companies that will rate your home at the Fire Protection Class 6. If you have seen your own homeowners premium increase and we did not contact you call Steve right away and he’ll correct the situation.

We are reviewing everyone of our customer’s homeowners insurance policy’s in the La Pine area and are re-rating our customer’s with insurance companies that want to keep your rates low. If you have seen a rate increase due to the Fire Protection Class change please  call Steve at our office right away 800-452-6826.

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