Everybody and their Dog wants Insurance!

Everybody and their Dog wants Insurance!


This statement is true now more than ever.  We know the value of our animal companions and always search for ways to make sure their needs are met just as easily as ours.  We want to know as a Pet Parent that our fur-kids are taken care of if something happens to them, regardless if it was their fault they got hurt to begin with.

Remember when Eddie ran out the door, cleared the fence, and still managed to hurt himself in the process?  Yeah, we’re here for that.

Bancorp Insurance is now offering Pet Insurance through Safeco / Hartville.  Why would we not?  Now you can talk to us about your Toyota and Mittens in the same visit or phone call.

Have your biscuit and eat it too.

There’s a few high points!

  • You get to choose where little Eddie or Mittens receives their care.
    Can’t make it to their normal vet because you’re out of town on vacation? No problem, with this pet insurance—There are NO in-network / out-of-network conflicts.
  • You can customize their care.
    Why not add to the policy so it covers their Preventative care too?  ( Who wants to pay for all of those Dental Cleanings? )  Meet your deductible and you won’t have to!
  • Meet No waiting periods for Preventative Care or Accidental Coverage.
    With the exception of knee and ligament conditions which receive a 14 day wait.
  • You get options when it comes to selecting Annual Deductibles, their limits, and the Reimbursement Percentages.
    Annual deductibles are as low as $100.  Now that is cheap!



You don’t have to choose between insuring dear Mittens or goofy Eddie.  Multi-pet policies get you discounts!  Also, if you’re already insured with Safeco, you get up to an additional 10% off your policy.

Why haven’t you asked us about Safeco for your Car and Home yet?  Get more discounts!
Call us today, or CLICK HERE to get a quote form.

-Cheri Martinen
Vice President




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