Do You Know Your Boating Safety?

Do You Know Your Boating Safety?

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Did you know most power boats are not covered under your homeowners or renters policy. Coverage for small boats like canoes and a small fishing dingy varies depending on the motor size etc. Check with your homeowners insurer for clarification.  If you own a sky boat or larger fishing boat I recommend you buy a boat owners policy to cover damage to the boat it’s self, the motor and any property you have on the boat like skis, GPS equipment ect.  A boat owners policy will also provide you with liability coverage while you are using your boat. The liability coverage covers you if anyone is hurt in around or on your boat.  This coverage will also protect you if you damage property of  others like docks and other boats. By the way most accidents occur when people are either docking or launching their boats. You will want it covered while its in transit and a boat owners policy will provide that coverage.

If you need boat insurance call Steve Jeter in our office at 800-452-6826.

Take this quick little quiz to test your boating safety knowledge.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your boat. I enjoy mine!

Rex Lesueur

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