Do Adult Family Care Providers Need to Buy Workers Comp for Thier Employees In Oregon?

Do Adult Family Care Providers Need to Buy Workers Comp for Thier Employees In Oregon?

In Oregon as an Adult Family Care Provider if you have 5 beds or under you are not required by law to purchase Workers Compensation Insurance for your workers. I have a problem with the law from a moral standing.

If I am doing my job advising you as a small business owner how to protect your investment in your business, I will tell you that you need to buy Workers Compensation Insurance. Why, because I feel its important to protect your employees and yourself from financial loss should your employee get hurt on the job.

In Oregon Workers Compensation is “no fault” which means both workers and employers are protected from the time and expense of determining who is at fault for the injury. Worker’s  Compensation will cover the worker for medical expenses due to a work related injury and also pay for loss income while off from work. If you elect not to buy Workers Compensation for your employees their only other option is to sue you for their medical bills and lost wages. Defending yourself from a lawsuit can be expensive and it can seriously damage your homes reputation.  In comparison Workers Compensation Insurance in Oregon is fairly inexpensive it will cost you approximately 4 to 5 percent of your payroll.

As to the question should you buy Workers Compensation for your employee’s? Yes it the responsible business decision. Are you required by law? No! But ask yourself do I need to be hit over the head to do the right thing.

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