But I have Liability Insurance

But I have Liability Insurance

“But I have Liability Insurance”

The last thing anyone thinks about before packing a dry bag and lifting their kayak onto their sturdy little trailer– Is the possibility of a really bad time.  We associate these items with a GREAT time!  Life can throw us curve balls however– a flat tire that turns into a flat trailer, smashed kayak, and some guy complaining his arm really hurts for instance.

Who’s going to pay for your kayak and trailer?  Well… you are.  Unless you have some form of insurance for your recreational tools ( AKA, Betsy- your beloved water adventure vessel & her trusty carrier Greg ) the smashed plastic and trailer pieces spilled all over the road are your responsibility– and anything else that happens after that due to the carnage.


But you have Liability Insurance.

Liability Insurance doesn’t cover like collision & other-than collision insurance ( AKA “full” coverage or comprehensive– both outdated terms ).  Liability Insurance actually doesn’t cover you at all.  It is utilized in an accident where you are shown to be at fault–And you damage someone else or their things ( recall that man with the hurt arm– Yeah, him ).  Also, it only covers the amount that you’ve agreed to by occurrence and limit caps .  This insurance is mandatory in every state, but don’t set the bar too low.  You’re liable to pay for it if anything happens–Like poor Betsy.

But your Liability Insurance isn’t enough.

Having actual coverage like Collision & Other-Than Collision is what will protect you and your things.

With the cost of anything health related being through the roof– and a helicopter flight alone running around $50,000, what makes you believe Liability insurance set at $50,000 is going to be enough?  Click the red Helicopter Flight link above to see a glimpse of a flight cost.


As always, have a wonderful day– Enjoy that summer sun!

-Rex Lesueur




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