Oregon Workers Compensation Insurance

As an Oregon business owner, you know Workers Compensation Insurance is mandatory under Oregon State law. At Bancorp Insurance, we offer workers compensation insurance designed to meet your business needs and save money on this essential business cost.

Protect Your Business and Your Employees

If an employee of yours has a claim and you do not have the appropriate Workers Compensation Insurance you will have to pay the cost associated with the health services and rehabilitation of that employee. Health cost can range between $100-$100,000. If the State of Oregon finds out your employee was injured on the job and you were operating without Workers Compensation Insurance you may be fined around $3,000 per occurrence.

Why Purchase Workers Comp Insurance?

Workers compensation insurance is good for employees and good for businesses. Here is how your workers can benefit:

  • Medical treatment
  • Payment for loss of time and disability & death
  • Re-employment assistance

But this insurance works for you as well. As a business owner, you will appreciate the advantages of workers comp:

  • Replaces legal liability with no-fault insurance
  • Protects you from lawsuits
  • Benefits are for actual loss

The state of Oregon requires most all employers to carry workers compensation insurance for their employees. An employee can be defined by the state in the following four ways:

  1. Do you have the right to direct or control a worker?
  2. How is the worker paid?
  3. Who supplies the tools for the job?
  4. Can you fire the worker with a breach of contract?

How you answer these questions matters, a simple yes or no does not determine your status as an employer. At Bancorp Insurance, we help Oregon business owners find the right workers’ compensation plan for their business. If you are unsure whether or not you are considered an employer, contact a member of our staff. We’ll be happy to help.

How Can Workers Comp Help My Business?

The workers compensation insurance offered by Bancorp Insurance is designed to provide benefits for illness and injuries suffered by your employees; Our Workers Compensation Company’s help you minimize risk by assessing workplace hazards. This allows you to address any pitfalls in your office, garage or shop before they can harm an employee.

Another perk of workers comp is the educational materials provided by our Companies. For example, did you know that slip and fall accidents are among the most common workplace accidents? Our Workers Compensation Company’s offer supportive documents and training to help you to analyze your business in ways that may never have occurred to you before. View one of these documents here.

At Bancorp Insurance we also help you to get your claims filed more quickly. We know that the sooner your employee receives treatment, the sooner they can get back to work helping your business. The workers compensation policies sold by our agency offer an extensive network of preferred providers that excel at both treating and managing workplace injuries. Re-employment assistance is available as well.

Our highly trained staff will assist you in choosing the proper class codes to help keep your premiums low. If you have more than one employee class code we can work with you to lower your Workers Compensation cost by utilizing verifiable time records.

Contact Bancorp Insurance

Bancorp Insurance is here to protect your business. Our Oregon workers compensation insurance will help in bringing you peace of mind. Contact our office today and speak to a representative to get started. Our staff is trained to provide you with the best customer service. Let us find an affordable solution for your Oregon business.

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