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Wildland Firefighters Insurance

Your Insurance Is Just As Important As Your Safety Program

Before you go out on a fire you do a safety check of all your equipment. Don’t neglect your insurance coverage. The first phone call should be to Bancorp Insurance, who is experienced in insuring Wildland Firefighters. Your business is specialized. You need Wildland Firefighter Insurance for your Water Tenders, brush trucks, and other types of emergency equipment. Your business is mobile and you travel through several states fighting fires for the season. Bancorp Insurance has specialized in insuring wildland firefighters and your equipment for over 25 years. We understand your business and what you do. I know before you can even get that call to show up for work at the fire location you need your General Liability, Commercial Auto Insurance and Workers Compensation for your hand crews and their tools in place along with your certificates of insurance at the correct Forest Service Office before you even get on the road. Our staff understands your urgency and we’ll make sure we get your certificates insurance delivered to the correct office in 24 hours or less.

Full Wildland Firefighting Insurance Package Includes:

  • General Liability Insurance (GL): If property is damaged or bodily injury occurs to a third party, general liability will pay up to the limits for fire damage, medical payments and costs related to lawsuits.
  • Commercial Inland Marine: This covers you for direct physical loss to machinery, tools and mobile equipment.
  • We offer layup credits on your business trucks and automobiles.
  • Workers Compensation for your hand crews.
  • Business Property: This can cover your storage facilities and business office buildings and computers
  • Business Income: If you lose a tender while fighting fire you’ve just lost your income.
  • Extra Expense: If you incur extra expense to get back on the road due to a covered loss, you can buy coverage to protect your business from that exposure
  • Disability Injury: Listen, you and your hand crews do a dangerous job and I do not have to remind you that at any time you or your crew could get hurt or even killed. Our disability insurance was designed to cover Wildland firefighters on and off duty. Your family will never replace you, but they should be able to bury you and pay off any debt. You will be surprised at how little this coverage will cost you. But it will relieve some of the financial burdens your family will face if something were to happen to you.
  • Certificates of Insurance delivered within one business day!
  • Your Insurance Questions answered in 24 hours or less!

Fire Camp Contractors, Mobile Kitchens, Showers, & Service Providers: Your Current Insurance Program May Not Insure Your Mobile Business Exposure!

Your kitchens, showers, laundry units, mobile offices, etc. are set up to be out in the field at the site. What would happen if one of your units caught fire or was damaged on the way to a fire? Most insurance companies insure your mobile property but they won’t insure your loss of business income when you can’t use it to make money. Your equipment is your tool for making money. No tools no money. In fact not making money using your tools may actually cost you more than the loss of the tool itself. If you’re not insuring this exposure to loss you’re taking a big chance on losing your entire income for the season. You want the right Wildland Firefighting Insurance to keep your mobile units to be protected out in the field!

Why is this important? Great question. Traditional insurance policies write coverage based on a static location, like your business office location. But you’re business is mobile, therefore, your real exposure is not at your office it’s out at the current work site location. Your mobile property exposure should be just that mobile.

Let me give you a quick example. Say you lost one of your mobile kitchens to a fire while it was on a wildfire location. You do not want your Business Interruption or loss of revenue claim to be paid on the static location of your office building. But the static location of your office building is how most insurance companies rate your current loss of business income for this type of exposure. You want the loss of that revenue to be allocated and paid out on the revenue which is being generated by that piece of mobile equipment where it is located today or tomorrow or in your storage unit. Each location brings in a different revenue stream depending on where your mobile equipment is located at the time and how it’s being used. Your insurance coverage should match your business operations, which in your case is mobile. I insure mobile service providers. I understand your real business exposure is out in the field, I’ll make sure your Wildland Firefighter Insurance program covers your mobile business. Call Rex at 800-452-6826 and I’ll make sure your insurance matches your business model.

Bancorp Insurance Services Most Of The Pacific Northwest

We specialize in preparing a comprehensive package of insurance designed to fit the distinct need of your Wildland Firefighters, Caterers and Suppliers. We are headquartered here in Oregon but we can also get you this specialized protection in the following states Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, California, and Arizona.

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