Private & Associated Water Districts

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Insurance for Private & Associated Water and Sewer Districts

Since drinking water and waste disposal are two cornerstones of a well-run society, claims against water service companies can be among the most horrific and life disrupting. Pollution and failure-to-supply claims can destroy the core financial reserves of a firm performing these vital services.

That’s why, when it comes to insurance protection, you need experts like Rex and his team at Bancorp Insurance to provide you with an all-encompassing package free of coverage gaps. In fact, Bancorp Insurance Water Pro staff is proud to be the lead insurer for privately owned Water & Sewer Districts in Oregon.

Our program includes:

  • Pollution Protection
  • Failure to Supply Coverage
  • Equipment Coverage for pumps, gauges, and electronic boards.
  • Loss of Income
  • Water Testing Professional Liability
  • Employment Practices which protects you from hiring, firing, promotion issues, discrimination, etc, including wrongful acts of boards.
  • Crime and vandalism protection
  • No Policy Audits
  • Defense Outside of the policy limits: This policy will cover you for legal expenses outside of the policy limit, protecting you from having to pay the judgment out of pocket
  • Third Party Loss of Business Revenue

E. Coli In The Water!

The city of Portland found E. coli in its water supply in 2014. The city acted appropriately and sent boil notices to their 670,000 customers. Cleaning up the water supply and sending out the boil notices was the easy part. Now they get to deal with the unforeseen consequences. In fact, most water districts never even think beyond what happens after an E-coli contamination.

Remember people in the Portland area were not able to use their tap water for 3 or 4 days. What did that really mean? Hundreds and even thousands of businesses closed their doors because without clean water they cannot run their businesses. Restaurants and bars cannot wash vegetables in E-coli water, or serve anything with ice or water in it. If a local brewery used the E-coli water to make a fresh batch of beer the entire batch had to be pitched down the drain. Hairdressers, spas and even public pools closed their doors, no business can take a chance of the E-coli entering their businesses and sickening customers. Thousands of dollars of business income was lost because of the boil notice.

What about your water district, does your insurance cover you in case your district is sued for a 3rd party loss of business revenue due to a contamination of the water supply?

Good question one you should take the time to get an answer to. If you do not have a specialty insurance policy that is specifically written to cover the types of exposures that small water districts face you may not have this type of coverage. Water Pros water district insurance coverage provides coverage to your district to pay out 3rd party claims due to water contamination.

I know many of the smaller districts do not have large restaurants that they supply water to. But you could have a home brewer, hair stylist, or spa owner. You never know what type of small business is being run out of someone’s home. If a small home brewer is forced to dump two dozen kegs of beer down the drain he’s lost thousands of dollars in revenue and he’d going to look for ways to get reimbursed from the cause (contaminated water). Who will answer a mother’s rage when her children become ill from swimming in the local pool filled with E. coli water?

These types of claims happen every day. Want to make sure your water district has the coverage it needs? Call Rex 800-452-6826 ask him about Bancorp’s Water Pro protection policy.

Ten Reason’s Why You Should Give Water Pro’s Insurance Program A Closer Look, and Save Up to 37% Off Your Insurance!

  1. No Audits: No nasty after the fact insurance bills just because your revenues increase, you will not owe your insurance company more money at the end of the policy period.
  2. No Extra Charge for sudden & accidental Pollution Coverage! You need this protection, water suppliers are sued for thousands of dollars just because bacteria found its way into the system. Pollution is included you do not have to buy a separate expensive policy.
  3. No Extra Charge for Failure to Supply Coverage! Opps a hydrant is defective and a home burns down. Happens all the time, you will be sued. WaterPro is one of the few policies that include this important protection for water companies.
  4. Equipment Coverage for pumps, gauges, and electronic boards, this equipment can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace. Most suppliers don’t even buy covers for this equipment, but just ask your electrician how much it will costs to replace it due to loss because of power surges or electrical arching.
  5. Quick Claim payment! Unheard of claims service WaterPro’s current clients report receiving claim checks fast.
  6. WaterPro’s policy is loaded with add-ons extras’ that normally cost you an additional premium! Automatic coverage for:
    1. Communication equipment
    2. Loss of Income
    3. Valuable Papers & Records
    4. $100,000 Theft and Fidelity
    5. $100,000 Computer Fraud
  7. Flood and earthquake coverage available in most areas.
  8. Employment Practices, protects you from hiring, firing, promotion issues, discrimination etc. including Wrongful Acts of Boards (board policy decisions error and omissions). In today’s world, this is a must-have option for every employer. More employers are being sued for employment practices mistakes than ever before.
  9. Defense outside of the policy limits. Often times when a supplier is sued, the entire policy limit is eaten up with legal fees. Forget the judgments! This policy will cover you for legal expenses outside of the policy limit, protecting you from having to pay the judgment out of pocket.
  10. Bancorp’s H20 Solution Center’s insurer is “A” rated and financially secure top companies in the world.

Water Pro’s Private & Associated Water and Sewer Company Insurance for all of Oregon and Washington

The public may still think most of their water and sewer services originate in the local public municipality but, as you know, there are actually many private water and sewer districts in Oregon. Water Pro’s insurance program is crafted specifically for private water and sewer districts. Water Pro provides you with the most comprehensive protection at a fair price.

Don’t let yourself be caught off guard. Simply complete the Protection Savings Form on this page right now, or contact Rex at Bancorp Insurance ask him about the Water Pro Protection Plan. All of our coverage options will be presented to you for review. We will warn you of any gaps you may currently have and suggest innovative ways to eliminate them. Contact us today! Call 800-452-6826.

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Our Clients Say It Best

“The Christmas Valley Domestic Water Supply District has been with WaterPro for many years. We have received nothing by EXCELLENT service, and are very satisfied with Rex and the gang. Rex recently went to bat for the District and obtained payment on a claim that had been previously denied. Thank you.”  – Erica Anderson, Christmas Valley Domestic Water Supply, Christmas Valley, OR

“Rex and his staff always put in the extra effort to get us the best price and insurance program we need for our district. We highly recommend Rex, and Bancorp’s WaterPro program.”  – Hank Fairbrother, River Meadows Improvement District, La Pine, OR

“Rex’s WaterPro program is one of the most comprehensive insurance programs I’ve ever seen. He was able to provide the Oregon Association Water Utilities with a quality program at a great price.” – Jason Green, Executive Director

“Rex is always available and provides excellent counsel. I have recommended him to my local HOA, also.”

— Camano Cooperative Water & Power Co.

“Our board of directors very much appreciates that you provide such excellent customer service, prompt follow-through, and quick responses to any questions or concerns. In addition, you look out for our water association by being sure to check about system updates and changes so that we have the coverage we need at all times. Finally, our board feels that the charge for the insurance that you provide is very reasonable, and that you have found us a good insurance company that we can rely on over time. Thank-you for all that you do!”

— Leigh Wilson, treasurer Camano Laguna Vista Water Association