Contractor Insurance Programs

Protect your business and livelihood.

Why Contractors Need Contractor Insurance

As a contractor, your work is under a microscope!  Your customers are everchanging, as are their needs.  One minute you might be working on a small remodel and the next responding to a larger bid.  This fluctuation in work could expose your business to unique and common workplace risks, including damage to your property or employees.


Your business deserves the kind of protection that comes from working with the experienced contractor insurance professionals at Bancorp Insurance.  Bancorp has been insuring contractors for over 25 years across the West Coast.  You won’t ever have to explain your business or state laws that you have to live with to us.  We will custom fit your insurance to your specialty so you can get back to doing what you do best.

What is Contractor Liability Insurance?

All states require basic liability insurance to gain a CCB license. However, the coverage required is not always what you need to protect your business and employees.  Contractor liability insurance can help protect your business when something unexpected occurs.  This includes protection for your business’s assets and employees.  Contractor liability coverage offers you peace of mind in that you’ll have coverage when your business faces a lawsuit or covered loss.  Therefore, it’s important that you have the correct type of coverage that aligns with your business.

Bancorp’s Contractor Insurance Programs Offer:

The tools and equipment you use are vital to your business.  Imagine the impact on your business if they are lost, damaged or stolen.  Contractor worksite theft is on the rise!  Even if you lock up your trailers or have security, theft is still an issue.  A range of coverage options are available to help reimburse or repair your tools and equipment if damaged or stolen.  This protection covers all stages of business, so it doesn’t matter if the tools and equipment are owned, borrowed or leased…we got you covered!


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Inland Marine

Let’s say your job requires a tractor or dump truck.  Your operator is new and they accidentally back into the home owners fence and knock it over.  Inland marine coverage will help to cover the costs to repair the damage.

Installation Coverage

Let’s say you are rebuilding a home, your team has just completed the framing of the house and it’s time to call it a day.  You return the next morning and the frame is partially or completely collapsed.  It is unknown if the event was caused by wind or employee error, but the expense of the loss is large and your customer is understandably angry and has decided to blame you.  This coverage can help cover the costs associated with the claim against you.

Data Breach Coverage

General contractors and contracting businesses often store sensitive information about their employees and clients.  This information includes:


  • Social Security numbers
  • Debit or credit card numbers
  • Other personally identifiable information


If this information gets lost or stolen, it could leave your business vulnerable to lawsuits.  It can also leave your business with a damaged reputation.  Data Breach Coverage can help pay the costs of:


  • Notifying affected individuals
  • Managing public relations
  • Good faith advertising

Employment Practice Liability Insurance

Most states across the West coast are at will states, however, let’s say you terminated an employee and they decided to pursue a lawsuit stating that you wrongfully terminated them.  They claimed that they were terminated even though a medical accommodation had been made for a personal injury that happened on the job.  Employment practice liability insurance can help cover legal expenses associated.


Contracting businesses are quite vulnerable to employment practice liability claims as they have a high rate of turn over and personal injury.  These common issues can lead to legal action against your business for extraordinary measures that you might never consider including, retaliation, discrimination or even harassment.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation is required by most states, where the business has at least one employee other than the owner.  Workers compensation coverage provides benefits to your employees for work-related injuries and illnesses.  Including:


  • Medical care
  • Coverage for lost wages
  • Legal fees in the event of a lawsuit


Our agents have been writing workers compensation insurance policies for our contractor customers for over 25 years.  We understand what you need to provide protection for the employee, but also protect the business and your livelihood.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Do you use a vehicle to visit customers, pickup tools and equipment, or run work errands?


A business auto policy provides coverage that’s not usually included in a personal auto policy.  This insurance covers you or an employee when an owned business vehicle gets into an accident.

How Much Does Contractors Insurance Cost?

The cost of insurance is ultimately determined by the specific trade and other needs that you require coverage for.  However, you can still overpay for business insurance.  So, it’s important to work with experienced agents that understand your type of trade.  Bancorp agents can ensure that you are only paying for the coverage you need to protect your type of business.


Beyond the specific trade, you’ll find common variables weigh into the total insurance cost, such as:


  • Location
  • Company vehicles operated
  • Claims history
  • General coverage needs
  • Number of employees
  • Additional employee benefits


We will continuously work with you throughout the life of your policy to make necessary changes so that you are not overpaying or underinsured for your ever changing business needs.

Looking to Stretch Your Insurance Dollar?

Consider bundling your other insurance policies with Bancorp Insurance.  Not only does bundling potentially save you money, it saves you time.


You can trust the experienced agents at Bancorp Insurance to provide insurance for not only your business needs, but your home, autos, rvs, boats, and other toys.

You wouldn’t leave the daily operations of your business to just anyone. So, don’t put your businesses livelihood in the hands of a random insurance company.


Bancorp agents have a combined 120 years experience directly supporting the business and personal needs of clients across the West Coast.   The average life of our clients with the agency is 15+ years.  Our goal is to produce a long term relationship that you can count on.

States We Can Insure

States We Can Insure

Here are the States we are able to write coverage in.

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“I have been using Bancorp Insurance services for 14 years. Pam has been very helpful over the years, and has always made herself available to answer my questions and offer professional advice. Great service. It’s really nice to have someone locally that I can count on. Thank you Pam!”

— Scott Eichner, Valiant Design, LLC of Bend, OR

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