Contractors Tool & Equipment Insurance

Contractors insurance has always been one of our specialties at Bancorp Insurance. Which is why we want to make sure your entire business is covered. We understand that you have a wide variety of hand tools, power tools, and may have larger equipment that you use on a day to day basis to run your business. This is why we think it is important for you to have contractor’s tool & equipment insurance.

What is Contractors Tool Insurance?

Contractors Tool/equipment insurance covers your hand tools, power tools, and other daily tools from theft, vandalism, and physical damage, except for general ware and tear. Contractor’s tool/equipment coverage covers all your tools/equipment regardless of where you might be keeping them. We understand that your tools are not all in one place. Most contractors have tools in their home garage, business workshop, job site, etc. This is why we help you cover your tools regardless of where they were and when the loss occurred.

When would I use my Contractors tool insurance?

Contractor’s tool/equipment insurance is used mainly when your loss or a claim exceeds your deductible. A deductible is the normally $500.00 per claim. So, for instance, you are on the job site and someone takes your entire tool box out of the back-end of your truck. More than likely you could have thousands of dollars of tools in that box. In this case, you would pay the first $500.00 to cover your loss and the insurance company would pay the balance.

How much does Contractors Tool Insurance Cost?

You might be thinking, yeah this all sounds like a good idea, but how much is this going to cost me? Luckily, Contractors tool insurance is inexpensive and depending on the amount of coverage you need you can usually purchase it for approximately $250 a year of unscheduled small miscellaneous tools valued at less than $500 per item. If you have more expensive items or equipment (such as a Bobcat) with a value above $500 you would need to itemize and list those tools with their own value.

How Do I Purchase Contractors Tool/equipment Insurance?

We here at Bancorp Insurance are here to help you with any question you might have. We have insured thousands of contractors in Oregon, Idaho and Washington from the small one man operation to the large construction company that runs several crews, has specialty equipment and jobs that can take you from one state to the next. In all cases, it is about quality coverage at affordable prices.

Contact Bancorp Insurance today by completing a Quick Quote Savings Form on this page, or call us at 800-452-6826 and ask for Lori or Pam. You will receive a no cost, no obligation insurance consultation on your tool insurance needs from our trained staff. Contact us today!

Our Customers Say It Best

“You saved my backside more than once and have gone completely out of your way as a company to help me out. Good job!”

— Conner Ross, Ross Roofing, Brookings, OR

“Our experience with Bancorp has be nothing but great! we looked into getting our Liability and bonding for our new company and looked around and talked to a lot of people. One thing I have learned through the years, is that word of mouth is the best reference and that is how we got Bancorp’s name. When I called Pam, she walked us through all the steps needed to move head to get accurate quotes. Bottom line, Bancorp did everything they said they would do and the communication was excellent, In our business we treat our customers like we want to be treated and that is exactly what Bancorp did. ”

— Mike Montgomery Builders