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RV Parks come in all shapes and sizes. You may have a nice little park that is just a few spaces alongside a beautiful little river or stream, or you may hosts guest at forest hideaway that includes snowshoeing, along with a swimming pool, a bar, or guided service to river rafting etc., you name it. Bottom line you need a tailored insurance policy for your specific operation. A one size fits all policy will not give you the proper protection and you could be paying for something you don’t need! You need an insurance company that specializes in your specific industry and will tailor your policy to fit your operation. Bancorp Insurance represents the top insurance carriers who have programs specifically designed for you!

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Make sure you have the right Property Coverage: Do you know if you have enough coverage to replace your property? You really need to ask the question do you have enough coverage, and is it the right type of coverage? There are many different types of property insurance policies and they all give you different levels of protection. Make sure you have the correct insurance for your situation. Make sure you can rebuild your structures after the fire.

Your General Liability Insurance limits should be high enough protect you even if you should get sued because someone got seriously hurt while vacationing with you at your park. The world we live in is full opportunities for calamities. Recreational properties can pose their own hazards. Your customers are relaxing and enjoying their vacation the next minute someone has tripped and fell off the dock and hit their head on a boat parked at the dock. Do you have enough coverage to protect your financial investment?

Policy Exclusions: Do you know what they are? Every insurance policy has exclusions. This is where the company takes coverage away! Some insurance companies that insure businesses like yours include exclusions that may leave you without coverage for things like ordinance of law, equipment failure, or water-borne diseases etc. Exclusions are critical when you get a proposal for insurance the first thing you should look at are the exclusions.

The Right Coverage For The Right Equipment. Knowing the difference between automobile and mobile equipment can be tricky. Insurance policies are very specific about which is which. Mobile equipment is covered by your General Liability policy. Autos need to be insured on the auto policy. So does that old pickup with the snowblade on it that never leaves your property need to be on the auto policy? Maybe not, this one little change can save you hundreds of dollars!

Bancorp Insurance Services all of Pacific Northwest Including California, Nevada and Arizona

As an independent agent, we have access to several RV Park insurance markets. We will diligently find the best coverage for your RV Park in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming no matter what the size.

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