Insurance for Bars, Taverns and Pubs

Bars, taverns and pubs are unique and should be treated that way for their insurance needs. We understand that you are not a restaurant and a large part of your income comes from on-premise alcohol consumption. Unlike other insurance companies, Bancorp Insurance has a customized insurance program especially made for bars, taverns and pubs. We can design a plan tailored to your unique needs for your business to make sure you are paying for only the insurance coverage you need.

Customize a Bar, Tavern and Pub Insurance Package

If you are a neighborhood bar, pub, tavern, wine bar, cocktail lounge or fraternal organization this program was made for you. We have created this specialized insurance program for nightclubs and restaurants with a high percentage of alcohol sales. We can also make sure you are covered for the events that take place at your facility including dancing, live entertainment, gambling, bottle service and temporary serving locations such as the music festival down the block.

Start your Bar, Tavern and Pub Insurance Package by picking and choosing from the coverages below. If you don’t see what you need on this page, give us a call and we will help you fill in the missing pieces.

General Liability

Bars, taverns and pubs General Liability Insurance provides coverage if your business or an employee causes bodily injury or property damage to someone else. This coverage is going to make sure you are covered if a patron slips and falls on a wet floor.

Liquor Liability

Liquor Liability insurance is especially important for a bar, tavern or pub. If your business or employees sell or serve alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person who then causes injury or damages property, liquor liability insurance can pay for legal fees, medical costs and settlements. The most common example of this coverage is if an intoxicated person who was served at your establishment damages another’s property or injures someone in a car accident.

Property and Business Personal Property

We can help you insure your rented building, owned building and contents of your business. Make sure your business property will be covered in the event of a fire or rowdy birthday party. Don’t forget to cover property rented to you like lotto machines and digital jukebox.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Your business relies on coolers, fridges, dishwashers and, in some cases, kitchen equipment to keep it running smoothly. What would happen if one of those items stopped working? They can be expensive to fix and could leave a local bar out of business. Equipment Breakdown coverage with Bancorp Insurance’s Bar, Tavern and Pub Insurance will make sure to cover losses caused by power surges, mechanical breakdown, motor burnout and operator error.

Assault & Battery Insurance

If you have a bouncer or security guard checking IDs at the door, this coverage is for you. Assault and Battery Coverage will protect from claims against a bouncer or security guard injuring a customer or protect against employees drinking on the job.

Business Income and Extra Expense

Our Bar, Tavern and Pub Insurance can include business income and extra expense. Business income will pay you for the loss of income suffered by your business due to an unexpected closure. Extra expense pays for additional costs that you might have to continue running your business while it is being repaired. This might include renting an additional building to continue running your business while damage from a fire is being repaired at your primary location.

Wait! There’s more…

We can also help you with the following:


  • Employment Practices 
  • Business Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • Food Spoilage and Contamination Coverage

Depending on your needs, you can see that Bancorp Insurance Bar, Tavern, and Pub specialty insurance package can be created to fit your business needs. If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-452-6826.

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