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Is Your Adult Foster/Family Care Home Properly Insured?

As an adult foster care home provider, you know that you provide an important service. And here at Bancorp, we believe that your Adult Foster Care Home Business deserves complete protection.

That’s why we want to make sure you do not suffer from very common insurance traps which may have already left you unprotected against several potential dangers! It is vital to make sure you have the right protection today, so please consider these facts carefully:

  1. Your home insurance will not cover any negligence claim related to your adult foster home business
  2. Your home insurance does not cover your business personal property, business property or your business income
  3. Your personal auto insurance may not protect you if an accident occurs while transporting a patient
  4. If an employee is hurt while working on the job, you will have to pay their medical claims
  5. Your home insurance does not cover you if a resident elopes
  6. Your home insurance will not cover you if a resident slips and falls and breaks an arm, hip etc.
  7. Your home insurance will not cover you if you or another resident are accused of sexual molestation

If any loss occurs while you are not properly insured, you could lose everything. That means your home, your assets everything!

Adult Family/Foster Home Coverages

Home foster care is a business. And like any other business, it needs to be insured that way. Because of the intricacies of mingling risks related to your home, the business and providing quality shelter for others, you need the proper insurance coverage.

Our compassionate and competent professionals at Bancorp Insurance will walk you through the three main coverages you need to have:

  • Workers Compensation: This protects you if your employees are hurt on the job.
  • Business Liability: This protects you, your home, your business, and your bank accounts in case you are sued.
  • Business Property: Once you turn your home into a business your home and its contents are business property. Most homeowner policies have limited business property insurance.
  • Commercial Auto: Your autos will be completely insured for any transporting done on behalf of the foster care home

A Bancorp representative will also be glad to inform you about any additional protections available for Adult Foster Care Homes. These will all be tailored to your unique, care giving business.

Bancorp Insurance Services all of Oregon & Washington

Insuring family/foster care homes is one of our specialties here at Bancorp Insurance. We serve businesses and individuals alike in Oregon and Washington.

So, act now! Complete the Protection Savings Form on this page today or call us at 800-452-6826. One of our veteran insurance advisers will quickly contact you. We will make sure your home, assets, and employees are totally protected against the unforeseen risks of life. Don’t waste another minute without knowing that you are fully protected. Contact us now!

Our Clients Say It Best!

“I called Bancorp because you sent me a flyer in the mail and because my attorney told me I MUST have liability insurance on my foster home. However, I did receive other quotes. I CHOSE Bancorp because of the people employed there. I have never received such personal service as you have given me. I could not believe it when I got phone calls of follow up and concern and ‘thank you for choosing us’. Wow! you guys are awesome. The rates are extremely low. I am only paying $33 per month more for my business liability than I was paying for my homeowners insurance. I can’t believe that I went 5 years without business liability because I thought I couldn’t afford it. I can’t afford to be without it!” –Terry Neal, Family Ties Foster Care LLC, Albany, OR

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