Why does my brothers, cousins, friend pay less than I do in Insurance?

Why does my brothers, cousins, friend pay less than I do in Insurance?


The other day I was on Facebook and someone posted “Hello I am new to the area and looking for where I should go to get auto insurance.”  You all know what followed:  “I get my insurance online and only pay $85.00 a month, you should go there.”  “I buy my insurance from agent Smith at XYZ insurance agency, go see him, he’ll give you a great deal.”  I continued to follow the conversation.  I know people mean well and yes you have all bought auto insurance yourself, so yeah you know something about buying auto insurance.  But, I need to tell you I cringe every time people start giving well-intention, but misleading insurance advice.

I am a licensed insurance agent.  I work in it every day.  I help hundred’s of people buy auto insurance every year.  I might (just might) know something about buying auto insurance.  What’s interesting though, people argue with me and tell me I don’t know what I am talking about.  You need to understand that helping people buy the right insurance product for them is not just “my job” it’s my career.  You may not believe me, but I am passionate about making sure you and your assets are covered.  By your assets I mean your car, the family home, or anything else you might cherish.  That car might be the only thing you own or are at least making payments on.  But that car gets you to work, to and from wherever else you need to go.  Maybe even that road trip you want to take this year.  I think most of you will agree with me when I tell you that your car is important to you and its something you want to protect and use for some time.  That’s where insurance comes in.

What I Know About Insurance And Why You Pay More Than Your Cousin

Every single person gets their own personal insurance rate.  Yep if there are two people who live in the same household and drive the same car– there is a different rate for each individual.  You will not see it that way on your auto policy.  The insurance company gives you one rate for that car with two drivers.  But the factors that went into that rate is as follows:

  1. Where You Live
  2. Make and model of the car
  3. Age of the car
  4. Safety rating of the car
  5. Repair cost of the car based on national data
  6. How old each of you are, and how long have you been driving
  7. Driving records for each of you
  8. Credit Scores for each of you
  9. Prior auto insurance experience for each of you
  10. How long each of you have lived in your current residence
  11. If you have a renter policy or homeowner’s insurance policy
  12. The insurance carrier you are getting your auto insurance from, are you their target market?  Are you the type of customer they want to insure?

This is just the short list, there are many more factors that are taken inconsideration in the insurance companies algorithm.  Yes, insurance companies use complicated algorithms to give you an auto insurance rate.

Why Am I Telling All This?

I want you to understand that buying auto insurance is not like buying a gallon of milk.  You can go to the store your friend suggested, and get the same gallon milk on sale like they did.  But your auto insurance rate or premium is individual to you.  No two people have the same auto insurance premium.  Everyone pays something a little different.  It may be close, but it will not be the same.

The best advise I can give you is something no one else will tell you and you will not hear it on the internet, television, in a podcast, or the radio etc.  STOP PRICE SHOPPING INSURANCE!  You can spend hours or even days shopping insurance prices online, filling out forms, sending out photos, calling people back.  You can waste every free moment of your life price shopping – Do you know what that will get you?  A different price at each place, and so many different policy terms swirling about your head, you won’t know what to do with them.
Here’s a question though, what does the policy you selected say?  Do you know exactly what you’re paying for?  Just as every policy is personalized to the individual buying it, cheaper policies are cheaper for a REASON.

My guess is that you answered my question either, No –I have no clue what I just read.  Or, that all insurance policies are the same.  “I am paying for the same basic plan as over there”.

Just do a Google search on auto insurance claims litigation and you will get hundreds if not thousands of hits where people just like you thought they had coverage for X on their auto insurance.  This is not new.  I am going to be repetitive STOP PRICE SHOPPING INSURANCE.  The odds of you getting the best insurance for the best price and knowing exactly what is covered by the one-way contract you just signed and paid for are stacked in the insurance companies favor not yours.  If you want someone on your side call me and I will walk you through your contract at no cost to you.  In fact, I will do it for free.  I am going to be totally honest with you, I get paid by the Insurance Company, not you.  And ONLY if you purchase something from me.  If you buy your policy directly through the company—they keep that portion they’d pay me and make more commercials.  My service is to you and insuring that you are covered—not to the insurance company that you pay.  I will give you the advice for free, even if you buy auto insurance from someone else.  Why because like I said making sure you get the right auto insurance for you that protects your assets is a passion and its my way of knowing what I do for a living makes a difference to you.

Call me at 800-452-6828 or you can book and appointment with me here.

Cynthia Poore

Licensed Insurance Agent


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