Beware of Hacked DocuSign Emails

Beware of Hacked DocuSign Emails

Like all useful tools, someone finds a way to use it inappropriately and exploit its functions : DocuSign

DocuSign is a well known electronic signature company allowing its clients the ability to sign on the fly.  Generally with a mobile device or computer access.  We use this software frequently for the convenience of getting forms to our clients and having them approve almost instantly.  In the last week however, DocuSign reported they had a breach at one of their lower levels in the company.  The lapse in security allowed a third-party to gain access to email addresses only.

Though this doesn’t seem like much considering the information that could have been stolen, it allows them to send phishing emails.  This is an attempt to get you to sign over information like account numbers or other forms of your identity so they can do more damage.  The first action taken is to monitor all DocuSign emails outgoing for anything that sounds remotely fishy.  This includes things like “Wire Transfer Instruction”, or “Accounting Invoice ###”.

What’s being done?  What can I do to protect myself?

Since becoming aware of the security breach, DocuSign has done everything they can to amend the issue with law enforcement agencies, as well as issuing higher security precautions.

The important thing to know is, if you’re not expecting a document ( which we at Bancorp usually call first to tell you ) then you probably aren’t dealing with who you think.  Documents will appear to come from a trusted source, but if you didn’t know about it—Proceed with caution.  In the event you’re not sure if you have a legitimate email or not, give us a call.  Or if it’s from another party you deal with, call them directly and ask.  They will be able to assure you whether you have indeed been hit with a spam email or something that needs your attention immediately.

Be alert and cautious, you never know who is out to take your security in life away!

Rex Lesueur



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