Attending a 4th July Fireworks Display? Keep Your Child Safe in Crowds.

Attending a 4th July Fireworks Display? Keep Your Child Safe in Crowds.

La_Pine_Fireworks_Display_2016I love 4th of July firework displays! Almost every little town in the US puts together some sort of firework display. I remember as a kid taking our blanket and laying in the grass anticipating the big boom, boom, boom, and watching the entire sky light up in beautiful colors. I am sure many of us have fond memories of attending public fireworks displays.

It Pays To Talk To Your Kids About Safety Before The Event

Often when you take your family to a public fireworks display you leave a little early to get a good location to watch he display. This means you may have half hour or more time to kill before the festivity gets started. Take the time before you go to an event and teach your kids some safety guidelines.

7 Things Your Kids Need to Know if They Get Lost in The Crowd

  1. Your kids need to know their first and last names. If they become separated from you and are asked who they are, you want them to be able to answer Joe Smith, not just little Joey.
  2. Teach your kids your names. Often when kids get separated from a parent they may yell Mommy or Daddy…..but Mommy or Daddy who? Tell them you are Joan Smith.  If they are in a crowd and cannot see you instruct them to yell your name Joan Smith. You’ll be more likely to answer them.
  3. Instruct them who is safe to ask for help. Usually another mom or dad, police officer, or someone who seems to be in charge. Point people out to them that could help the.
  4. Depending on the age of your child you might want to provide a card with your name, address, and cell phone number on it. You can buy tags where you provide your contact information and it can be affixed to the inside of  your child’s coat or on the inside of his shoes.
  5. Make rules for your kids. You are not allowed to go out of my site without asking permission. That includes going to the bathroom. If they need to go to the bathroom instruct them they need to take an adult or older sister or brother with them.
  6. Always have an updated picture of your kids on your cell phone. You can share the picture with the authorities if you lose them.
  7. If you kids are old enough make sure they have your cell phone number memorized.

No one wants to think about losing one of their kids in a crowd, but often when you go to an event like the local fireworks display there are other things going on, food vendors, clowns making balloons, and other entertainment. It’s easy for children to get interested in something else and walk off from adults. The best way you can protect your kids from getting lost in a crowd is to talk to them about what you expect, why it is important they pay attention and ask permission before going to play with a friend from school. Above all have them practice their full name, your full name, address, and your cell phone number. It’s not a bad idea to have them recite this information in the car on the way to the event.

Enjoy the 4th of July, and please be safe.


Rex Lesueur

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