Every 3 Minutes A Concussion!

Every 3 Minutes A Concussion!

Fotolia_58529826_Subscription_Monthly_XSIt’s fall and school is back in session, and your kids may be playing school sports. As parents we know the benefits playing team sports has on our kids. However, many of us worry about sports injuries. What would happen if our kid was seriously hurt while playing his or her favorite sport?

Unfortunately it is common for kids to get hurt when playing a sport. In fact 1.35 million emergency room visits occur each year due to a severe sports injury according to Safe Kids Worldwide.  Most injuries were strains, and sprains. followed by fractures, bruises and scrapes. But 163,000 of those ER visits were for concussions. In short about one child every three minutes is concussed. Nearly half of those concussions occurred in children between 12 and 15 years old. This statistic is worrying  to parents because a recent study done by the American Academy of Neurology say that it takes kids this age longer to recover from a concussion then college age athletes.

The new guidelines say athletes with a suspected concussion should be removed from the game immediately and can not return until a licensed health care professional trained in concussions allows  them to return to play. Athletes should not return until all symptoms are gone.

Know The Signs of A Concussion

  1. If your child appears to be dazed or confused.
  2. Complains of a headache.
  3. Light and sound sensitivity.
  4. Reaction time is slow.
  5. Memory is lost or speech is slurred
  6. Most athletes never black out less than 10 percent.

If you child has already had one concussion are at a higher risk of getting another concussion within 10 days.  That is why its so important to get your kid checked out by a health professional that is trained in concussions.  Also make sure your kid takes the necessary time to recover from a concussion. Many kids feel that they are letting the team down by sitting out. But in truth they are protecting one of their most valuable assets their brain.

Unfortunately there are no special helmets, or mouth guards that can reduce the risks of concussions. The best you can do it make sure the helmet has no cracks and it fits properly.  If your kid takes a hard hit to the head insist that he or she sits out the rest of the game.  Dr. Jeffrey S. Kutcher, an associate professor of neurology with the University of Michigan Medical School states “If in doubt, sit it out. ” This is sage advice and young athletes need to follow it.

You can get a concussion participating in many different types of sports. But the highest risk is in football, and rugby, followed by hockey ,soccer, basketball and cheer leading.   Be careful out there and please protect your brain.

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